Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm not sure what's gotten into me...

I can't believe it, but I want to post something. Crazy how life does that to ya.

Here's a quick update on my life since what, April 2010? Wow, haha. Ok, here it goes!

-Worked at Papa Murphy's at home summer 2010.
-Took an econ class to get into the business school at BYU.
-Fell in love with econ.
-Got into the business school but still in love with econ.
-By winter 2011 decided to do econ and go to law school.
-Dated someone from summer 2010 to winter 2011.
-Got hired at the MTC winter 2011 teaching ESL to those from outside the US who come to the US to serve a mission.
-Worked all summer 2011 only to play all of August 2011 on the jetski (Thanks Dad).
-Got my trash kicked by some econ classes Fall 2011, but I loved it.
-And now? Kickin my econ class' trash, working at the MTC and doing research for a professor, and studying for the LSAT. Doing a Private Equity business competition right now which is pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

Life is good.

That's all the "What have you been doing with your life?" answers. Here's the best thing coming up: COLBY COMES HOME FROM HIS MISSION!!! I wish everyone could know Colby. He's such a stud. I think that kid is Beck Nirvana. He's coming home soon and I'm stoked. It'll be a lot of fun to have him out here in Utah with me, KaseyEmilyJimmer, and Jamie. Awhile ago, I had to make a decision on what year I was going to graduate, and one of the main reasons I decided to wait till 2013 was so that I could have one more year here with Jamie and Colby. I wish even more that Kayla could be up here too, but she'll have a ton of fun up here because she's a stud as well.

Anyways, I may need to catch things up later and just develop a habit of shorter posts.

Life is great. The Church is true. And I need to sleep.

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  1. Thanks for posting again and summarizing your life! Loved it!!!!