Sunday, April 11, 2010

And you didn't think I'd ever Blog again. Well...

Hey so yeah, I had everyone on your toes to see if I was really going to Blog again. That's ok because I was debating it within myself. Since February, it doesn't seem like too much has happened. My ski class ended (that was way awesome idea for me to take the class), I actually got a 98% on a paper I wrote in History (that was cool), General Conference was last week (SOOO GOOD!), and now here I am at the last week of school before finals, and it's rather exciting.

I found out a few weeks ago that some people I taught on my mission were getting baptized. I was super excited to see that because they had been working for a very long time to get to that point. I remember having some very powerful, spiritual, and pivotal lessons with them, and I just kept thinking "What the heck?! Why won't they just go in the water?" They absolutely knew everything about the Church and were very proactive in coming every Sunday. Sometimes they would offer prayers in meetings. This all happened in my last area of Ohio in Lisbon. It's a very exciting thing for the ward which has been struggling for some time now to get converts. The Lord has his own timetable. He understands our needs and our positions, and sometimes it just takes a little bit of heart-softening to get people to where they should be. In that same area where we were working, there's a recent convert family that's preparing for the temple. In fact they should be going either this week or have gone already. I'll be giving them a call to ask about their experience.

I've been thinking a lot about agency lately and the role it plays in making decisions with being directed by Heavenly Father. A great talk to read about this subject is called "Agency or Inspiration" by Bruce R. McKonkie. I think what the Lord expects from us is an attitude of making decisions on our own but always presenting that decision before the Lord. As Elder Bednar would emphasize, he wants us to act and not be acted upon, to be agents within ourselves, knowing that the power (the powers of reasoning within ourselves to make a wise decision) is within us. I think what most of us are afraid of is making the wrong decision and getting a feeling of correction or rebuke from the spirit. However! We fail to realize that a stupor of thought is as great a blessing as a burning in the bosom. Each one is answer to a prayer. And if we're no willing to take it that far and be willing to receive a stupor of thought, then we are letting our pride get the best of us. What we're really saying is "my plan is the better one". These opposite feelings in response to prayer can only come after a decision is made. Humility to feel rebuked is a part of the plan and essential to our progression. Should we ever feel like we "know what we're doing", then we're missing the point and fooling ourselves. The point of choosing is a part of our training in becoming like our Heavenly Father. No fence-sitters will be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom.

Welp, I hope to make this a habit--sharing insights or thoughts that I've had. It helps me to put them in word format. They're not directed towards anyone or meant to demean anyone's ability or self-worth, but rather, to offer a perspective. Have a good day!

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